11 Fevereiro 2020

- With 1,000.00 Dollars for each champion of each functional classification! - With visibility and legitimacy along the rules of the #parajiujitsu legitimate @uaejjf@ajptour@ajp_brasil, @ fbjj.oficial and @Fbjjp. - With #paratletas from the 5 continents of the world! #Jiujitsu #paradesportivo growing non-stop everywhere in the world! . - In the biggest Professional event on the planet in the world of JIUJITSU #jiujitsu #bjj.
April 11, 2020, the place to be in the world of parajiujitsu. Registration open on the @uaejjf website @uaejj . . .
Thank you very much @uaejjf @uaejj @ajptour @ajp_brasil @ fbjj.oficial @fbjjp! Oss